Aluminum rulers and mirror

35 x 70 cm

15 3/4 x 27 1/2 in


Pedro Tyler - Manantial (Spring) 1/3

$7,000.00 Precio
$5,600.00Precio de oferta
  • He believes that the beauty of an artwork is connected to the way we get to know it. A knowledge that comes along with a pleasing sensation related to understanding. Comprehending and enjoying how its components interact between each other and their mechanisms of sustentation. This can be seen in Tyler’s works when stacking coins, interlacing rulers or giving mobility to something that seems motionless.

    In this search for understanding, is that he uses everyday objects as material for his works, so as, by taking them out of context, appreciate them in another way. With measuring tapes, wooden or steel rules, you can measure something linear as the body, but you can´t measure, for example, feelings inside that body. Measuring what can´t be measured. The measure of pain related to a close death, started a body of work that developed from a personal concern; how to analyze and reason about feelings.

    Although the artwork started being self-referring, Tyler has come to know that the intimacy of this subject is universal. Each person interprets this experiences and concerns from his or her perspective. And is from this perspective, unique and personal, that he hopes they will relate to his artwork.


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