Artist Book: dry point, aquatint etchings, wood block, silkscreen and charcoal

20 x 25 x 2.5 cm

7.5 w x 10 h x 1 d in


M Veronica San Martin - Memory and Landscape: Unveiling the Historic Truths of C

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  • She works in printmaking, artist’s books, installation, sculpture, and performance art. San Martín addresses memory as a pivotal factor for the understanding of the neoliberal and globalized present.

    Born during the Chilean dictatorship she witnessed the regime’s atrocities and its aftermath. It is from this perspective that she speaks, giving testimony of a present built upon the legacy of the traumatic past. In this sense, both her prints, artist books, installations, and performances reject the modernist idea of a progressive history with a fixed past, as well as fixed media categorization as my prints and books, for instance, become sculptures, installations, performance, and memorials. I understand memory as an ongoing, living process that mobilized itself once and again, inviting the viewer and the public to engage with similar, shared experiences of violence in collectivity and solidarity.

    Printmaking has provided me with the aesthetics tools to understand this ongoing transformation of media mentioned above, as well as the possibilities to explore in depth the relationship between memory, politics, and culture.


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