Oil on Canvas

1,1 x 2,0 mt

43.3 x 79 in


Germán Tagle - La Casa por la Ventana

$15,000.00 Precio
$12,000.00Precio de oferta
  • Formally trained as an architect, buildings and homes assuredly populate his paintings.  By building a matrix of personal cultural iconography -- architectural renderings, influential Art Deco exteriors, fabric substrates reminiscent of the childhood home interiors, silhouetted figures engaged in production -- his narrative landscapes investigate the intersections of territory and identity, constructing layered perspectives analogous to his hybrid identity.

    Swirling acrylic races across charged surfaces in lush striations.  The color and gestural motion meddle allusions to mineral configurations, aerial topographies, psychedelic camouflage, magic, energy and contamination.  The resulting uncertainty is at once disquieting and suspenseful.  What lurk in these unnatural urban and suburban environments, often inhabited by seemingly radioactive figures and uninhabited homes, bedazzled by riotous surface marbling, are disjointed critical spaces evoking an extravagant unease. 

    Akin to the dark heart that pumps beneath the seductive surfaces of Pop art, Tagle’s deceptive post-pop landscapes sit atop romanticized interpretations of the pastoral ideal toile de Jouy, kitschy decorative patterned fabrics, and early industrial, now fashion staple denim. Tagle builds a new spatiality, shadowy and illusive, fantastical and alive.



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