Installation/ Free standing paintings, acrylic and latex on MDF

Dimensions variable (aprox real human size)



Each piece can be sold separetly $2,500 each ($3,500 before)

Claudia Bitran - 7 Teanagers

$24,500.00 Precio
$17,500.00Precio de oferta
  • Her work consists of an ongoing research on time, memory, and image, the devices of remembrance that we produce and the relationship between high-tech and low-tech. Wolf creates video installations and video sculptures to tackle these matters, representing the tension between remembering and forgetting. Working with found footage and home movies - with anonymous stories - I leave an open space to be filled by the meaning that each of us brings to the work through our personal experiences.

    The function of remembering implies the production of objects, which are not static repositories but dynamic triggers of perception through which remembrance is activated. We create these memory objects as an attempt to fix time in a medium; they become an index of lived experiences, a representation of a former self. She is interested in the memory objects we produce (photos, home movies, postcards) and the relation between personal memory and cultural practices of remembering. Technology, media and memory affect and transform each other and thus create models of remembrance that are culturally shaped.

    In her work Wolf tries to create an experience in which memory becomes an action that is constantly actualized in the present, because only in the present we construct our memory. If we understand memory as a narrative construction, we can say that there is a constant re-writing; there is no final text, but a continuous/infinite non-linear one, endlessly repeated, always reversible: every memory is a new memory.


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