Scultpure in Cordillera stone rock


Carlos Edwards - Untitled

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$3,600.00Precio de oferta
  • In his abstract work, Edwards produces a conception of the world as a reality made up of dualities and oppositions. The use of stones found in rivers, eroded by time and water, contrasts with the rigid and solid materiality of the stone. The artist works the stone and transforms it into a fragile piece, where elements such as water and wind are part of the work

    Edwards’s sculptures are interested in form, the realization and development occur in close dependence on the field and in close connection with the space in which it is established. This form is dynamic, powerful and constructive were the geometric rigor is overcome by the empty spaces that are also part of the construction of the sculptures. These spaces of silence are "the presence of the formal absence" in the words of the artist.

    The sculptor's work explores the concepts of time, space, matter and spirit. The space is defined by the various intersecting planes in the formal composition of the sculpture, which is built by the organic history of the stone and the intervention of the artist. The sculpture is an elusive and fragile vacuum or subtle, is a new entry into the landscape.


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