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Re - Shaping Landscapes

Actualizado: 5 de jun de 2020

It brings together the work of 12 Chilean contemporary artists with pieces built in various media that create a dialogue around formal relationships, materials and discourses around the landscape. The landscape is decontextualized and becomes memory, in that order the works coexist and dialogue, they cross into supports and techniques.

Felipe Lavín, through his works, tries to change the viewer's perception of everyday places, highlighting them and at the same time creating new objects and elements.

Kira Piriz tells us exterior and interior stories reflecting on those everyday events that spend most of the time unnoticed by the viewer.

Maite Izquierdo in her textiles speaks about everyday life, relates to the intimate and external, establishes material, chromatic and, at the same time, symbolic relationships: life, death, shelter, anguish, landscapes and body. The fragility of the material makes exploring the changing and the ephemeral. Materials that rise when intertwined, and thus, shelter the space delivered.

Tatiana Lastarria, in her work addresses the world of aesthetic and spiritual contemplation, her lonely characters are absorbed in observation, wander in the uncertainty of an ambivalent space.

Virginia Guilisasti some of the elements that sustains her work has been the need to work with found objects that from the aesthetics of collage or, object work exudes its history and memory through a fragmentary aesthetic, which takes as a point of heading the concepts of memory, history and absence.

Guadalupe Valdes, David Corvalán, Hernán Gana, Pedro Tyler, Catalina Mena, Carlos Arias y Claudia Bitran make up the list of artists who are also present in this exhibition.

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